Preferred Contractor

Arbortech has been a preferred contractor of mine for nearly 20 years. As Supervisor of Forestry for the
City of Markham and the Arbor Services Coordinator for the Mount Group of Cemeteries their services
have been invaluable. Whether dealing with the Ice Storm of 2013 or small pruning of single tree at
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Arbortech has always provided quality work in an expeditious manner.
They provided storm damage and after hour services for the City of Markham and Mount Pleasant.
Often large tree removals and cleanup of fallen branches were commonly required. All done above
industry standards.
Tree pruning whether finesse or street tree pruning was always performed without incident and with
superior quality. The crews were always professional in their dealings with the public and management.
Tree planting was a part of the core services offered as they were instrumental in the planting within the
Mount Pleasant Arboretum.
I would highly recommend Arbortech for any tree services you require and they will not disappoint!