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Tree Pruning Service In Kawartha Lakes

tree pruning service in kawartha lakes

Tree pruning service in Kawartha Lakes is sometimes necessary when a tree is surrounding your utility lines and may damage your incoming utility lines.

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With tree pruning in Kawartha Lakes we can improve the overall health and appearance of your tree and also reduce the chances of a potential hazard.

Tree pruning conducted by our professional arborists ensures improved air circulation, light penetration, and resistance to pests. It also gives your trees and garden an aesthetically appealing appearance.

Our ONTARIO certified utility arborists in Kawartha Lakes have the right expertise, skill and experience to provide tree pruning service within proximity of all utility lines (including live energized equipment) while maintaining the integrity of your trees.

Working around power and utility lines is very dangerous and tree pruning around utility lines should only be performed by certified Utility Arborists.

Our fleet includes all the relevant specialized equipment and instruments required to perform professional tree pruning services.

If you have questions about the health or safety of any tree, contact us to have our Ontario ISA-certified arborists provide an on-site evaluation.

We offer tree pruning services in the cities of Ajax, Pickering, Port Perry, Peterborough, Whitby and Oshawa

tree pruning in kawartha lakes

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