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Tree Pruning Service In Peterborough

tree pruning service in peretborough

Tree pruning service in Peterborough by Arbor Tech Tree Care ensures tree failures are avoided and trees remain disease free.

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Mature trees do require pruning for several reasons which include structural problems, deadwood, encroaching on neighboring property, and aesthetics.

Double stems are the most common structural problem, and leading cause of tree failure. With our Tree pruning service in Peterborough this type of tree failure can easily be avoided the tree is young. 

Branches rubbing and crossing one another is also a very common structural problem with trees. Pruning the tree at a young age can correct this problem however if the problem is ignored, the bark can become damaged and infection can set into the tree and the tree can eventually die.

Tree pruning increases flower and fruit production and rids trees and shrubs of dead, diseased and damaged wood. Novelty pruning, allows arborists to create a sculpture to enhance the appearance of a garden.

How much of a tree and when to prune a tree differs from species of trees and also form the final objective of the tree pruning service in Peterborough.

When you call us at Arbor Tech Tree Care we will send an Ontario ISA-certified arborist to assess the situation and to formulate a plan for your tree pruning service.

We also offer tree pruning services in the cities of Ajax, Pickering, Port Perry, Whitby, Oshawa and Kawartha Lakes

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