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Tree Removal Service In Peterborough

tree removal service in peterborough

During intense snow and rainstorms in Peterborough trees are likely to be severely damaged. This is when professional tree removal service in Peterborough is required.

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At Arbor Tech Tree Care, we hate to see a tree being removed. Sometimes however, there are instances where tree removal is the only option.

During intense snow storms trees do get severely damaged and hence pose a serious hazard to life and property of residents. Even the sturdiest trees can break and fall on top of vehicles or power lines.

To avoid hazards to individuals and properties, Arbor Tech tree care offers safe and reliable tree removal service in Peterborough.

Here are some of the factors we consider before recommending removal of a tree:

  • Whether the tree is in a suitable location to accommodate the future size, and other site conditions
  • Whether the tree has caused, or is likely to cause, damage to both your property or your neighbours’ properties and to what extent
  • Are there any reasonable alternative options to removal

When you call us at Arbor Tech Tree Care we will send an arborist qualified in tree risk assessment to discuss if there is an alternate option to tree removal.

We offer tree removal services in the cities of Ajax, Pickering, Port Perry, Whitby, Oshawa and Kawartha Lakes 

tree removal in peterborough

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